Rob Tucker New Zealand, b. 1987



2019 Suddenly Things Went Still, PIERMARQ*, Sydney

2016Title, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
2015 Colour Studies of Ships, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Miami 
2014 Too Many Green Teas Consumed Daily Is Just Too Healthy, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
2014 Cacti and Tropical Hibiscus Make Ambiguous Table Arrangements, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, New York

2012 Boats and Boats, Smyth Gallery, Auckland
2011 The Pantry, Iain Dawson Gallery and Art Equity, Sydney
2010 Duty Free, Smyth Galleries, Auckland
2009 Duty Free, Monster Children Gallery, Sydney
2008 The Pantry, Smyth Galleries, Auckland
2008 Ponsonby And All That Girlfriend, Smyth Galleries, Auckland 
2007, My Trip Through Belmont, Satellite Gallery, Auckland 



 2019 Auckland Art Fair, PIERMARQ* booth, Auckland NZ

2019 The Summer Show, PIERMARQ*, Sydney

2017 Water - A Group Show Across Our London Galleries, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London 2017 Christmas on Mott Street, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, New York City
2017 LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair
2017 Seattle Art Fair, Seattle 

2017Art Paris, Paris
2017 Art Palm Springs, Palm Springs
2017 Outsider Art Fair, New York
2017 LA Art Show, Los Angeles
2017 Miami Project, Miami
2016 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, California
2016 The Outsider Art Fair, New York
2016 Art Paris, Paris
2015 Art Stage Singapore, Singapore
2015 The Outsider Art Fair, New York
2015 Art Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2015 Art Paris, Paris
2015 Art Market San Fransisco, San Fransisco
2015 Art Hamptons, Hamptons
2015 Art Toronto, Toronto
2015 Seattle Art Fair, Seattle
2015 Sydney Contemporary (Rebecca Hossack booth), Sydney 2015 Scope Miami Art Fair, Sydney
2015 Miami Project, Miami
2014 Art Aspen, Aspen
2014 The Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne
2013 Toronto Art Fair, Toronto
2013 STRARTA Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery, London 



2016 Four month residency in a private showroom studio, Kreuzburg, Berlin
2014 The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy, London 2013 ASC Studio Residency, 195-205 Union St, London
2013 Wallace Art Awards, Traveling Show Finalist, New Zealand
2013 ROSL Scholars Exhibition, Oxo Gallery, South Bank, London
2012 ROSL Residency Scotland - Hospitalfield Arbroath
2012 North Harbor Club - Arts Division, Auckland
2007 50 cent mix, Smyth Galleries, Auckland