Valerie Savchits Latvian, b. 1993

Latvian born, multidisciplinary visual artist Valerie Savchits oeuvre depicts stories, feelings and fragments of the artist’s memory and inner world that both haunts and captivates her. Iconography from astronomy and Greek and Slavic mythology play an important role in the formation of Savchits’ visual language that she employs to depict archetypal narratives such as the battle of good and evil.


With education in chemical technology, and her family's history in building and construction, Savchits periodically uses a wide array of synthetic and natural materials. Her paintings, as well as readymade installations and sculptures, are comprised of concrete, tiles, clay, wood, raw minerals and metal. This helps to capture the artist's celebration of the juxtaposition of rawness and refinement.

Since completing her studies at University of Salford in 2016, Savchits’ work has been widely exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally and has been published in in numerous publications including The Guardian, BBC Live and Art Maze Magazine. Savchits has also been the recipient of a number of grants and awards including an invitation to exhibit in a group show at the Tate Modern in 2016.