Julien Deiss German, b. 1983

Julien Deiss is a Denmark-based German artist known for his contemporary take on academic drawing. The artist's traditional approach to draftsmanship and subject matter (Roman busts, vases, fruit etc) is made fresh by his use of neon colour and a certain material rawness. Canvases are bravely slashed and re-worked with a sewing machine; loose tags of either raw-edged or brightly painted canvas protrude from neatly stitched seams, creating areas of three-dimensionality that break up the picture plane. 


The art of Julien Deiss is a clever and well-conceived study on the history of Western art and the necessity of looking to the past to find the future. As with human civilisation, these paintings find beauty and meaning through the process of both construction and destruction in equal measures.


"One must always start with something.

I apply quickly; collage like; both experienced and contrived things onto the canvas.

 I fall out with myself; I work, I forget myself, forget the image, stumble over details,

 throw myself some obstacles along the way. I inverse, I determine, I follow, I am submissive, haphazard, indiscriminate, naive. Without fear! 

Because I know that later you can remove all traces of what is needless. From then on, the danger is over, because the idea of the 'beginning' has meanwhile left an indelible mark. This is what initiates me to start, launching my ideas, moving my feelings."

-Julien Deiss