Camilla Thorup Danish, b. 1976

"The driving force behind my work is an interest in human beings and the human psyche as it is expressed through the timeless stories, we as human beings have in common."

Camilla Thorup is a Danish multidisciplinary artist, specialising in sculptures of ceramics, bronze & concrete. She studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, graduating in 2008 with a Master of Fine Arts. Thorup has exhibited extensively throughout Denmark and abroad, while simultaneously curating at exhibitions and museums.


Thorups motifs are often figures of animals and people. She describes her artistic process as forgiving and receptive; "I want to leave the door ajar to the subconscious; to a world where logic, gravity and rationality are not in power. To a place where the figures materialize and get a voice of their own, so magic, symbolism and narratives get free play."


This process results in a series of figurative works; "They keep each other buckled down, they perform balancing acts, and they carry one another. The personality of the figures borders on stereotypes. They are not, as a rule, defined by age, class, nationality, or time, but transcend various groups that exist in our society, and in that way, I hope to convey a belief in a strengthened bond between humans."


Thorups invites her viewers to take her figures by the hand and be led on a journey through life, through a saga of human relations and the contradictions in life. These are dualistic narratives where there is a pendulum motion between concepts such as play and seriousness, strength and fragility, love and loneliness and finally, stories about death and the transformation into something else.