René Holm Danish, b. 1967

René Holm is one of Denmark's most established contemporary artists. Since graduating from The academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus Denmark in 2006 Holm has been rigorously cultivating his practice, exhibiting internationally in the UK, Germany, France, Spain & The Netherlands, as well as major art fairs in Miami, Basel and New York. Renowned for his scrupulous attention to, and experimentation with media, Holm’s impressive exhibition repertoire continues to grow with astounding traction. The artist is currently preparing for a monumental solo show with Copenhagen’s Galleri Benoni in April 2022, and a group show with PIERMARQ* as well as in Hamburg later this year. 


For more then 20 years, Holm has worked with multi - layered oil paintings, with a memorable and unmistakable style, until René changed he´s work to pigments, binder and canvas in 2020, which gives, Holm'swork a new exciting, atmosphere.


In his mesmerising figurative paintings, Holm adopts existential themes and locates them in nature. The artist's subject matter is centred around true human experiences; rendering them through his paintings in what he calls ‘Forest Rooms’. Nature possesses a duality of meaning in Holm’s work. To most, the natural holds restorative, soothing and nostalgic qualities. In established lines of thought such as Romanticism and Folkloric histories, human experience is intrinsically tied to the natural world; the sublime serving as a backdrop for profound human emotions of awe and inspiration to present themselves. Holm offers a space of reflection in his works. Viewers may look introspectively, and profoundly connect not only to the figures, but also with their memories and fondness of nature through their own lens of personal experience.