Terry Ekasala American



2017  Speak Up, Matter & Light Gallery, Boston, Ma, USA (solo)

2014  New City Galerie, Vt, USA (solo)

2004  Catamount Arts, Vt, USA (solo)

2003  Metalstone Gallery, NYC, USA (solo)

2000  Dactyl Foundation, NYC, USA (solo)

1995  Bjorn Olafs, Paris, FR (solo)

1991  Galerie Klam, Paris, FR (solo)




2019  Pendulum, a two-woman show with Zara June Williams, PIERMARQ*, Syd, AUS. 

2019  Looking North, Vermont Arts Council Spotlight Gallery, Vt, USA (group)

2018 4th Annual Arts Connect, Catamount Arts, Vt, USA (juried group show)

2018  Made In Vermont, Hall Art Foundation, Vt, USA (group)

2017  The Gallery at WREN, NH, USA (two person show)

2017  Gala Season Review, The Gallery at WREN, NH, USA (group)

2017  2nd Annual Arts Connect, Vt, USA (juried group show)

2016  Vermont Artist Week, Vt, USA (studio residency show)

2015  Catamount Arts Juried Members Show, Vt, USA (juried group show)

2015  337 Project Space, Grand Rapids, MI, USA (group)

2015  New Work City, Momenta Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA (group)

2014  Second Family, 2 Rivington St, NYC, USA (group)

2012  Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury, Vt, USA (group)

2006  Aidan Savoy Gallery, NYC, USA (group)

1998  Le Paris Des Quartiers, Hotel De Ville, Paris, FR (group)

1994  L'Egaliser La Culture, Kunstmesse im Kunsthof Orianienburger, Berlin, GER (group)

1994  Belleville Belleville, Espace Belleville, Paris, FR (group)

1993  Salon d'Art Contemporain, St Gervais, FR (group)

1993  Europe' Art sans Frontiere, Paris, FR (group)

1986  Joy Moose Gallery, Miami, Fl, USA (group)