Olivier Vrancken Belgian, b. 1973

Born and raised in port city Antwerp, Belgium. Olivier Vrancken (1973) currently lives in Breda, The Netherlands. Holding a Masters in Graphic Design & Illustration, he now concentrates on abstract painting. 


"I take life as it comes and that is no different in my art. As opposed to life, my abstract painting offers me the opportunity to easily fix mistakes and quickly view them from a different perspective in total freedom and without the need to further clarify things.
The feeling when all of those loose ends come together in a satisfying image is priceless.


You can see this philosophy reflected in my work through the direct and intuitive approach. Instead of painting something objectively, I just start. However, there will be a starting point, some form of input; an idea, a feeling, a colour or shape but within a certain structure and work ethos. I allow mistakes and improvisation to be part of the process.


Reworking the canvas over again, scraping off paint, turning them upside down or simply leaving them unattended for some time makes it possible to reconsider the work as a whole untill the final image reveals itself."