RUNE CHRISTENSEN Danish , b. 1980

Self-taught Danish artist Rune Christensen has achieved great success throughout Europe. Christensen's paintings have been exhibited in the likes of New York, America, Italy and Denmark. 


Much of Rune’s inspiration comes from his time spent travelling and observing cultural traditions, religious motifs, textiles, and costumes from around the world.  Rune uses patterns, colors, texture, tattoos and masks to reflect upon the interaction between humans and their environment.  Themes such as identity, social roles, choice, and confusion weave throughout his creations. 

His work is often a reflection of his very personal struggle to find purpose and meaning within the confines of modern society.

Christensen is celebrated for both his monolithic murals and delicate smaller paintings. Both practices are informed by the Renaissance era, royal Danish rider paintings as well as Velasquez, Thracian and Greek pottery, from which he draws historical parallels that speak to the complexity of human behaviour.